Li HaolingAnimation Director

He was graduated from Shanghai Donghua University.
Li Haoling has been engaged in animation production works since his graduation in 2008, and he served as original plan designer and storyboard artist at the very beginning. The programmes he involved in include Shanghai Television Toonmax TV’s animations of Fantasy Adventure and The Special Boy Ma Mingjia, Hasbro’s animation of Elf in a Can, domestic animation of Happy Star Cat and other programmes. He engaged in the development and director related works of original animation of Happy Town in 2011, and formally set foot in net animated series in 2013.
He formally founded Haoliners Animation League in 2014.

Wang XinAnimation Director

Graduated from Art Faculty of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wang Xin currently holds a position at Shanghai Haoliners Cultural Propagation Studio. Dedicated to the creation of youth comics, his main works include Music Up, Mr. Guru, The Bund 520, Bravo Dongdong, Happy Town and etc. Among which, Mr. Guru received the Third Prize of the 5th National TV Programme Golden Child Award in 2000. Music Up received ‘Best Scenarist Award’, ‘Best Music Award’ and ‘Silver Prize of Best Animation Award’ from China Animation Association in 2002, which made it a classic for a generation. Bravo Dongdong received ‘Excellent Animation Series Award’ and ‘Best Scenarist Award’ from China Animation Association in 2006 as well as ‘Starlight Prize’ and ‘Home Prize for Excellent TV Programmes’ at the 19th China Radio and TV Award. Besides, it also won ‘Excellent Work Prize of Shanghai Municipal Literary and Artistic Creation Award’ in 2007.

Chen YeAnimation Director

Born in October 28, 1976, Chen Ye has been interested in comics since his childhood. After graduation from Animation Faculty of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1996, he held important positions at Shanghai Oriental Animation Company, Shanghai Red Sun Company, Shanghai Motion Magic Digital Studios and Shanghai FOCH Cultural Propagation Co., Ltd. successively. He joined Shanghai Haoliners Cultural Propagation Studio in 2014 as a director. Animation works Chen Ye engaged in have become known to the public since 1998, such as Mr. Guru, Music Up, Happy Star Cat and The Special Boy Ma Mingjia. He directed many animation works in the past two years, such as The Story of That Rabbit in That Year, Ace Censor and I’m Bai Xiaofei.

Dong YiAnimation Director

Dong Yi uploaded the animated short film for graduation of 23F to the network at the age of 22 in June 2014, which was posted on recommended column of the homepage of AcFun on the same day with over 30,000 clicks. This work was appreciated by Li Haoling, Director of Shanghai Haoliners Cultural Propagation Studio, who made a prompt decision to recruit Dong Yi to Haoliners. After being animation producer, executive director and art & original Plan Designer for one month respectively, Dong Yi’s talent in animation was widely recognized, and he became the youngest animation director in Haoliners Cultural Propagation Studio in October 2014.