Established in 2013, Haoliners Animation has got a team of substantial animation production experiences. The predecessor of the company engaged in a number of TV animation programmes and maintained excellent cooperative relations with conventional media. Accompanied with the development of internet and the rise of mobile clients in recent years, the company has gradually become an organization focus on creation and production of net animations, which carried out cooperation with Tencent Comic,,, BILIBILI, Enlight Media and other new media on their platforms. The company has produced nearly half of domestic 2D animation series since 2013, which have been well received by audiences in both click rate and word-of-mouth, and made it so popular among institutional investors.
The full name used by the company for promotion is Haoliners Animation League, which means to unite people with the dream of animation production through internet-based new animation mode, and thus allow them to become new forces for domestic animations in the future.